Some call it vandalism, some call it revolution, I call it the realist form of Art there is. Why? Because Art, first and foremost, is an argument with the place you’re from. It reflects the values of the culture back onto itself asking the only question that matters: Why?
Secondly, all Art is temporal. It is aware of its death as part of its birth, and Street Art even more so. You can walk past it that morning, and its gone by that night. And that leads to number three.
All Art is sacrifice. It should cost you everything, and what more of a price can paid than watching something you created, something that can’t be replicated, be destroyed at the hands of those who should have no say over it.
So forget the galleries and museums for a day, and go learn about where you live from those who risk their liberty just to show you about where you’re from.

Street Art, Lt Bourke St, Melbourne.