Life: No added sugar.

        It is 3:30pm and I’m strolling into my favourite nearest coffee place to my office. As I am approaching the counter, I spy the muffins on sale, and upon seeing the blueberry and dark chocolate persuasion, I snatch one up greedily. But as I turn toward the counter to order my accompanying java beverage, the coffee girl interjects, “Muffin and a long black.” This causes me to pause for a moment, just staring blankly at her.

        I  thoughtfully begin recounting the many times I have ordered coffee here before, noting how it has never been a long black, ever, and I realise what has actually just happened. My head cocks to the left and I ask “Did you just… place my order for me?” She throws a mischievous smile in my direction. A smirk begins to grow on the left side of my face.

        Her co-worker, obviously not pleased with her brazen remark, turns to her and says maybe she needs to go away from the counter, that she is tired and isn’t aware of what she is saying. I immediately configure a sentence in my mind to rush to her defence, but before it comes out, she quashes all his staleness with one brilliant reply. “I’m not tired. I’m just awesome.” I walk away without putting sugar in my coffee.