The Gang that wears the Blue.

The Gang that wears the Blue. 
Or, Words for a Sunday.

The largest gang,
I ever knew,
Stepped in time,
And wore the blue.

They never fail,
To have the back.
Of someone who is,
Under attack.

Regardless if,
They be wrong or right.
It matters little,
It is now a fight.

They call to arms,
And rally around.
Their victim brother,
Without a sound.

They form a line,
To raise their hand.
And swear an oath,
That behind they stand.

He can’t be wrong,
They will always say.
He is one of us,
That is our way.

So quieten your cries,
Place no blame.
They are merely words,
Remove your claim.

For the point is moot,
It will go nowhere.
We can not hear,
We do not care.

You are our foe,
You will observe.
It is only ours,
We protect and serve.

And you are left,
Hands behind your back.
Chained with links,
Your future black.

To stand before,
A bias judge.
Who knows the blue,
And will not budge.

On a single view,
A point of law.
Who said what,
And who what saw.

They do it not,
From hate or spite.
For their interests lie,
Not in your plight.

And this is where,
Your fate is sealed.
You are not a member,
Of that blue shield.

Of that largest gang,
I ever knew,
That stepped in time,
And wore the blue.

(Words for a Sunday.)