No, Douglas did not want to be at work.

       Douglas Sergent didn’t want to be at work. Not today specifically, although it was his least favourite day to be working at his auntie’s pharmacy, but in general. His chubby, five-foot eight stature gave his white clinical pharmacy jacket the look of a tube of toothpaste that was being squeezed inappropriately in the wrong direction. This was made all the more obvious by how precisely uncommittedly devious it looked on the store’s female staff. Especially Jennifer. Who made the outfit look so amazingly elegantly flirtatious whilst being simultaneously resoundingly innocent, all with apparent ease. It made Doug want to rip it off her in front of customers just so they could see the slutty-laced lingerie he knew was underneath. He knew of course he would never be able to tear off, with his teeth, and this made Douglas’ teeth grind. No, Douglas did not want to be at work.